Denture Services

  • Stern Empire can suit your patients’ individual needs with our Premium or Conventional Full Dentures. We create comfortable, functional appliances tailored to your patient’s age, gender, tooth shade or natural tissue contours keeping your patients smiling for years to come.

    Are you nervous about a denture restoration or just need to consult with a tenured technician? Call and ask for Mr. Ron Johnston, CDT – Removable Technical Consultant

    Premium Dentures

    Stern Empire Premium Dentures are crafted using the SR Ivocap Injection System, which permits the fabrication of highly accurate methyl methacrylate-based appliances.
    The material mixed in the capsule is injected into the closed flask under pressure. Constant pressure is applied during polymerization. As the denture base material flows consistently, the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated.

    Since processing-related increases in vertical dimension do not occur with SR Ivocap, wax patterns can be exactly reproduced. Destruction of occlusal morphology caused by time-consuming adjustments can be virtually eliminated. Your patients will love the fit that comes with Ivocap’s optimum shrinkage compensation. And the special polishing properties help reduce the build-up of plaque. 

    ● No increase in vertical dimensions.
    ● Homogeneous denture base.
    ● Optimally coordinated equipment components.

    Conventional Dentures

    Stern Empire’s Conventional Dentures are crafted using Lucitone 199, providing your patients with a strong and esthetic appliance at an economical price.
    Lucitone 199 is a cadmium-free acrylic which features ultra-high impact strength that has set the industry standard for denture resins. The Lucitone 199 Resin is filled and compressed into a mold in a denture flask.  

    ● Esthetics — Ultra-high impact strength.
    ● Comfort — Superb resistance to flexure fatigue.
    ● Retention — Excellent tissue coloration, vein simulation and balanced translucency.
    ● Strength — Cadmium-free.

    Novus® Definitive Resilient Denture Liner

    Ultra Suction™ Dentures

    Massad™ Dentures

    Celara® Denture Technique

    Accu-Dent® Impression System


    We carry the following brands of teeth:

    • Vita Pan
    • Ivoclar
    • Myerson
    • Dentsply Trubyte
    • Candulor/Geneva 2000

    We can order additional types of teeth if you prefer.