Send A Case

  • You can now send a case to the lab through our new Customer PortalClick here. 

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    Please contact our customer service team for details on shipping your case to Stern Empire Laboratories. Depending on your location and hours you may submit your patient’s case through one of our various avenues of receipt. Practice Support can be reached at (713) 688–1301 or (800) 229-0214 for more details.

    Submit a Case for Local Pick-Up & Delivery:

    Call (713) 688-1301 and dial "1" during prompt

    Submit a Digital Impression Case:

    Click on your IOS platform for information on how to submit your digital file to Stern Empire Laboratories

    3M True Defintion        Cerec        iTero

    Carestream                 E4D          Trios

    Submit a Case using a Pre-Printed FedEx label:

    1. Fill in the From section, including your phone number.
    2. Tear the card along the center perforation and peel off the back of the form and attach it to the top of your shipment.
    3. Save the left side of the form for your records.
    4. Call us at 800-229-0214 to schedule your FedEx pick-up and for our FedEx account number.

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