Sleep Apnea

  • We offer oral appliances for the treatment of snoring and OSA: The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP® 3 and TAP Elite) and the Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA®). Both custom devices include upper and lower bite splints joined together by different mechanisms designed to hold the mandible forward, helping to increase and maintain the airway opening to improve breathing and to decrease snoring. Cost, durability, degree of adjustment (titration), patient compliance and overall effectiveness are all factors in choosing the right appliance for your patient. 


     TAP appliance

    The TAP® 3 appliance is a proven treatment modality for OSA. It has a technically simple design that attaches the upper and lower jaws together by utilizing a durable, small hook and socket mechanism.

    While the appliance is in the mouth, the patient can use a small tool to adjust the device and bring the mandible forward enough to ensure the airway remains open during sleep. This unobtrusive, self adjustability is one of the reasons TAP® has a compliance rate of 95%.

    Patients are empowered to manage the degree of lower jaw protrusion over as many nights as it takes to achieve the optimal effect comfortably. The fact that TAP has a single point of adjustment prevents uneven bilateral adjustment which can create bite dysfunction.

    TAP® Elite allows more lateral movement, improving patient comfort and compliance.  


    • Research shows TAP can be effective in treating OSA.
    • Strength: The TAP includes both durable hardware and splint material to withstand severe parafunctional activity, including bruxism.  
    • Laboratory fabricated in two options: Triple-Laminate or Thermacryl
    • Titratable in 1/4 mm increments. 
    • Anterior only contact to minimize parafunctional intensity.

    TAP Research Evaluation

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    EMA Mandibular advancement with EMA is achieved using interchangeable posterior elastic straps that offer varying degrees of advancement. By holding the mandible forward, the EMA maintains a clear airway to reduce snoring and improve breathing. The device is not recommended for severe bruxers.


    • Comfortable: Elastic Straps provide unsurpassed lateral movement.
    • Affordable: Lower cost than many other Oral Appliance Therapies.
    • Single laminate design.
    • Adjustable in 2 mm increments.
    • Posterior pads increase vertical opening and maximize tongue space. 

    EMA Research Evaluation

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