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    • Stern Empire at the 2016 Star of the South Conference
      Stern Empire Laboratories will be exhibiting at the 2015 Star of the South Conference located at the George R. Brown Convention Center in [...]
    • Introducing ClearDream™
      Stern Empire Laboratories introduces ClearDream™, an oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea in adults [...]
    • Stern Empire Accepts Digital Impressions
      Let Stern Empire partner with you utilizing the latest technological advancements in digital impressions. Whether you need a single coping, long span bridgework[...]
    • New Bite Guard Offers Comfort & Protection at a Great Price
      Stern Empire has a new product that will protect teeth, muscles and joints at a cost-effective price. The Comfort H/S Bite Splint [...]
    • Discover the Strength of e.max
      By now you’ve likely heard about IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate crowns. More and more dental practices throughout the country are choosing e.max for their fixed restoration needs. IPS e.max may [...]
    • Interactive “NTI is Easy as 1-2-3” Video Premieres Online
      We aim to make using the NTI in your practice as easy as possible. Whether using the NTI therapeutic protocol for its diagnostic, protection, or therapeutic indications, the “NTI is Easy as 1 2 3” video series, now available on our website will serve [...]
    • We've Made Partials Easier with EZ Flex
      Flexible partial dentures are great for a lot of reasons. The biocompatible nylon thermoplastic is strong, thin, flexible, and lightweight. But these nylons do have some room for improvement. We’ve been searching for an alternative [...]
    • Novus, Soft Denture Liner, Simply the Best
      We’ve tried numerous laboratory soft denture liners. Some are faster to process, more translucent, less expensive, better promoted. But no soft liner has ever performed as well as Novus®. [...]
    • You Can Save Lives with TAP®
      According to the National Institute of Health, sleep apnea affects more than twelve million Americans. Many who suffer from the disease are at risk for more serious health issues. Fortunately, dentists can help patients who suffer from obstructive [...]
    • BruxZir® Crowns Now Available
      Monolithic ceramics are fast becoming a popular option for posterior full coverage restorations where "More Brawn than Beauty" is indicated. Gold was once the only option on molar preparations with limited interoccclusal space.[...]