Novus, Soft Denture Liner, Simply the Best

We’ve tried numerous laboratory soft denture liners. Some are faster to process, more translucent, less expensive, better promoted. But no soft liner has ever performed as well as Novus®.

Other soft liners harden over time. Novus does not harden. Other soft liners, especially silicones and urethanes allow water sorption and, harbor fungal overgrowth that increases odors and tissue sensitivity. Novus is resistant to surface and subsurface fungal growth.

Maybe best of all, because Novus bonds well to acrylic denture bases without special adhesives it is surprisingly easy to grind, adjust and polish with most rotary instruments. And for patients, Novus has low surface tension encouraging excellent wetting for comfortable, non-irritating denture retention.

Novus is not a new product. It has been proven durable, retentive, and hygienic over long terms of use.

Novus benefits include the following:
• Shock absorption during chewing.
• Permanent softness with no plasticizers to leach out.
• Resistance to surface and subsurface fungal growth.
• Low surface tension with excellent wetting.
• Easy adjustment and polishing with rotary instruments.
• Engagement of deep anatomical undercuts.
• Moldable around implant heads and bars.
• Excellent bonding to acrylic denture bases.
• Radiopaque (can be identified if parts are swallowed or inhaled).

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